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My Name is Jozef Paul Koda (b.1987). A Human... being.


Australian, currently in between Dubai and Hong Kong. Sometimes awkward, proud vegan and passionate about the environment and wellbeing of our planet. You will often see me working too much and not sleeping enough, but I love what I do.

Ever since I can remember I have had a fascination for the way things are created. I look at an object and my mind will immediately try to disassemble and reassemble it. Strangely, this enables me to observe the similarities between objects like an umbrella, a beach ball, a hot air balloon and a Chinese lantern. I take mental snap shots of what I see and file them away for some time in the future where I will retrieve the memory of them to create a pattern for a costume, prop piece or a giant jellyfish mascot.

My creativity is drawn from my incredible love and admiration of nature. I love being outdoors, watching the slow and subtle changes of the world. So fascinating to me are things like ferns and trees with their fronds unfurling and leaves nestling so perfectly into one another before opening as if purposefully designed by some almighty silent and invisible force - so mesmerizing, intelligent and inspiring. 


I don't really feel that I particularly belong anywhere and consider myself a "Man of the World". I am happy to be anywhere and everywhere. 


I am passionate, hard working and always get excited by the opportunity to be creative. I love the entire creation process from design, research and development to fabrication. I excel when I am faced with challenges and unique limitations. I consistently create with the quality, function, aesthetics and longevity of a piece as my main objective, and I am great at problem solving.


I hope you enjoy my website and please contact me if you wish to connect.

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